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Madreselva is an Argentine music quintet that expresses itself through the languages of tango and chamamé, with a contemporary sound and a strong connection to the territory and identity of the region.

It emerged in Rosario in 2017 and from its inception has interpreted both original compositions and classics of Argentine music, in instrumental and vocal versions. Its aim is to reignite the flame of new music from the fundamental and characteristic elements of these genres.

Madreselva is also a group composed entirely of women, and its artistic and ideological objectives are aimed at enhancing their visibility in the roles of performers, composers, arrangers, managers, and producers.

Concerts, national and international festivals

  • 1st Women and Dissidences Tango Encounter at Sala Zitarrosa, Montevideo, Uruguay (2019)

  • XIV and XV Metropolitan Tango Encounter of Rosario (2018 and 2019)

  • Women's Stage at the 18th Pocho's Birthday Carnival, Rosario (2019)

  • Opening of the More than Two cycle: Women on Stage, Rosario (2019)

  • 3rd FACAFF, Buenos Aires (2019)

  • 3rd Tango and Criollismo Festival, Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires (2019)

  • Concert at Biblioteca Argentina (2019)

  • Great concerts of Women and Dissident Tango Artists at CCA, Rosario (2019 and 2020)

  • Sunsets by the River cycle within the framework of 8M, Cultural Fruits Market, Rosario (2020)

  • Streaming edition of the 11th Tango Festival of La Boca (2020)

  • Confluences cycle at Sala Lavardén, Rosario (2021)

  • Tangos in perspective, with La Rantifusa, at La Popular de Rosario and Club Social Cambalache de San Telmo (2021)

  • Rosario Sounds like Tango cycle (2021)

  • Piano Nights cycle at Teatro El Círculo de Rosario (2022)

  • We Are cycle at La Casa del Tango de Rosario, organized by Women and Dissidences Rosario (2022)

  • Federal Milonga at CCK, Centro Cultural Kirchner, Buenos Aires (2022)

  • National Festival of Communities, Rosario (2023)

  • El Tropezón Milonga with the Municipal Tango Orchestra of Rafaela, Metropolitan Recreational Center of Rafaela (2023)

  • Launch Festival of TUM, United Music Workers, Rosario (2023)

  • Panel Discussion "Culture Resists" and Launch Festival of TUM, United Music Workers, Rosario (2023).


  • Support for Cultural Production in the Mobility category of the Espacio Santafesino Program of the Ministry of Culture and Innovation of the province of Santa Fe for a tour of Uruguay and participation in the 1st Meeting of Women and Dissidents in Tango in Montevideo (2019).

  • 2019 Funding Call from INAMU, National Institute of Music, to complete the production of the first album, Veredas (2020).

  • Catalog of Essential Music selected from the Essential Music program, Sounds of Argentina, promoted by the Ministry of Culture of the Nation and the Federal Council of Culture (2020).

  • CCK Suban national competition, Kirchner Cultural Center (2022);

  • Creation Grant from the National Fund for the Arts for the recording of the second album (2023).



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Data sheet

Musical and artistic production: Madreselva

Original arrangements and adaptations: Victoria Aiello

Recording: Carlos Altolaguirre and Renzo Alberá at Penny Lane Studios, Rosario

Editing: Milena De Giorgio and Victoria Aiello

Mixing and mastering: Florencio Justo in

Dr F. Buenos Aires

Graphic design: Sofa Studio, Rosario

Photography: Ana Isla

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"Milonga La Casona" | Rosario, Argentina

"Milonga La Cretina" | Montevideo, Uruguay

"Federal Milonga" CCK | Buenos Aires, Argentina


"Milonga La Novata" | Rosario, Argentina







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